The Whale who saw everything.

There was a whale,
Little Sally was her name,
She was curious,
About everything and all of people’s ways,
So she stayed,
She saw.
She saw the corals turn gray,
She saw the fishes quarrel,
She had stories to tell,
But to her dismay,
No one stayed.
For she was so big,
Everybody was afraid.
She tried to communicate,
But no one dared say,
She was young,
New to the worlds ways,
She never understood,
Why people just walked away.
One night she saw something shine,
It was like a twinkle,
It was so bright,
She winced for a while.
She wanted to see,
Who had so much pride,
To shine so bright.
She surfaced the water,
And saw a sky full of stars,
Which were oh so bright,
It made her feel alive.
Then she saw the moon,
Who was so different,
But somehow still wasn’t lonely,
Being different made him special,
This was something she couldn’t fathom.
She had stories to tell,
Secrets to reveal,
So she confided to the sea,
Maybe it would help her see,
That it was worth having this dream,
A dream to reveal,
All that she saw,
All that she was,
For she was the whale who saw everything.
She befriended the moon, the stars and the sea,
She stayed up all night,
Telling the stories that she craved.
One night she was talking to the sea,
When she saw a sad little girl,
Who was unique,
But had no dreams,
Sitting on a boat,
Out in the deep.
Little Sally wanted to give her hope,
And make her believe,
That being unique is everyone’s dream.
She knew what people don’t know,
Scares them,
But why would she want to be with them?
Sally taught her self love,
And saw her smile so bright,
Sally knew she had found another star in her life.
Now Sally talks every night,
With the moon, the stars and the sea,
Telling them all the tales that she could reveal,
For she was the whale who saw everything.

Aashna Vidyarthi

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