Leaves turning,
Heart thumping,
Autumn knocking at our doors.
It is that time,
Time of magic unknown,
Tress filled with orange dreams,
Sky filled with chilly breeze.
Time for cosy cardigans,
Warm and happy things,
Inviting us to celebrate,
The season of change and magic.
It’s the persona of Autumn,
The way it captures us,
How it leaves us spellbound with its beauty.
Maybe it’s the shedding of leaves,
That encourages us to live our lives,
Everything seems clearer than it ebet was,
We know who we are meant to be,
It’s that magical time of the year.
We open our hearts,
Let the soft cold wind,
Wash our doubts away,
And fill our hearts with content instead.
The wind takes my leaves away with it,
Leaving behind a sad little tree,
Giving it the time to grow,
It heals,
It’s ready to try again,
Try to live,
Trying to find when it has lost.
Truly Autumn teaches us,
It teaches us how to live,
And how to get up when you fall,
That’s the secret behind the beauty of Autumn.
Autumn leaves teach me,
I’m ready to listen,
Change my life,
And make me content.

Aashna Vidyarthi

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