My Sun.

You are my sun,
I’m your sunflower.
Seeing you shine bright is what keeps me alive.
You are who I look up to.
People come and people go,
Day in and day out,
But you are the one I can never go without.
You are my only constant.
You are my sun,
I’m your sunflower.
I rise with you and fall with you.
Still trying to grow,
I look up at you,
You assure me something good is about to come.
You are my only hope in darkness.
I’ll never let you go,
You are the one thing I rely on.
After a rainy day,
I always look up to the sky,
Hoping that you’d not give up on me.
And you never do.
You’re my sun,
I’m your sunflower.
Always have been,
Always will be.
You are my only constant.
You give me strength.
You are my power.
You are full of light and life.
You help me shine bright.
You make me feel like I could fly.
Anything is possible as long as you are around me.
You’re my sun,
I’m your sunflower.
My love for you will never die.
Even when we might wrangle,
You’re right around the corner.
To nurture me and make me stronger.
I grow because,
You never give up on me.
You are my world.

Aashna Vidyarthi

C’est magique

Captivated by it’s charm,
I forget about reality.
It is filled with possibilities,
So full of art.
It is beauty,
It is elegance,
It is Paris.
How exciting it must be to stand in a land flooded with art.
A place filled with exhilaration.
Where you don’t know anyone and no one knows you.
A place which once knew Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.
A place where anything can happen.
City of love.
City of art.
City of accomplishments.
Every inch of it is magic.
It captives me by it’s charm,
I forget about reality.
How beautiful will it be to see the Louvre.
Experience it all at once.
Maybe, I’ll get there one day.
Maybe I’ll have it all one day.
But till then,
It is in my heart and my thoughts.
Daydreaming about Paris I am happy.

Aashna Vidyarthi

Pain of rain.

The rain drops fall on my face,
Washing my tears away.
Maybe it’s all meant to be this way,
Maybe it’s all meant to go in vain.
The rain can’t stop my tears from falling down,
Even when it tries so hard not to make me frown.
It feels like I might just drown,
In the pool of my emotions.
Maybe it’s all meant to be this way,
Maybe it’s all meant to go in vain.
I feel it deep inside my heart,
What I long for and what I never had.
Sitting in the rain trying to hide my tears away,
I look up at the sky with a sigh.
Wondering if the thunder is a cry for help,
Or if the lighting is something that I held.
What if the sky was broken too,
Is that why it is so enigmatic to me?
What if all we get is what we deserve?
Is this really what we deserve?
The hurt? The pain? The broken heart, that we meant to tame?
Just listen to the sky,
As it roars its tale to you.
A story of love and hate.
Is it all it takes,
To makes it all go away?
Tears fall down my face,
Maybe it’s all my fate.

Aashna Vidyarthi

My Star.

Every night, I go to my terrace,
Sit looking for stars in the sky.
But I see none,
All of my stars covered in gray,
Gifted to the universe by my fellow humans.
My sky is gray,
With no hope and no stars.
Disappointed, I wanted to go back inside and just stare into the darkness of my house.
But something caught my eyes.
A single star, shining so bright,
Breaking the gray trap of my sky.
I take it as a happy coincidence,
And get lost in it’s beauty.
I fell asleep thinking of the one star that made it.
Maybe I’ll see it again tomorrow,
Maybe it’ll break the gray trap again someday.
I go up on the terrace everynight,
To see my star burning bright.
Some days the darkness wins.
Maybe it was a losing game.
The darkness wins.
But something still make me go up there every night,
Hoping I’d see my friends again one night.
It’s my star,
It’ll always be mine.
It’s the ray of hope in my darkened life.
I wish for it every night.

Aashna Vidyarthi

3 am.

The clock ticks three,
It makes me intrigue.
As to what this stinging silence could mean,
The time at night when the world sleeps.
The silence eats you up when it’s three am.
Your mind gets messed up when it’s three am.
You are vulnerable when it’s three am.
Making up stories in your head,
Having conversations that you’d never have.
Contemplating what life is,
Or what it may be down the road.
Thinking of what you’ve lost,
Who you’ve lost.
Loose your mind thinking,
Then give in,
Wear headphones and dance around in your room at three am.
At three am your mind plays tricks with you,
Going on an emotional roller-coaster.
Then ultimately hit your shoulder on the wall dancing in the dark,
Drop down on the floor and keep dancing.
When the pain dies you’d think about the pain in your heart,
At three am cry over your broken heart.
Get tired,
Eat a tub of ice cream,
Cry some more.
At three am productivity can thrive,
Try doing something creative.
If it turns out bad, cry a little more.
At three am you are vulnerable,
The silence eats you up.
Then it turns four and you give up.
Stare into the darkness and think about life,
Hoping you’d drift off to sleep.
At three am your head gets messed up.
But it’ll pass.
You’ll get a new day soon,
Sun will rise soon ending this stinging silence.
It’ll all be better soon,
It might come back tomorrow but it’ll go away as the sun rises giving you a bright day.

Aashna Vidyarthi


Standing in the middle of the road,
I was the ghost.
Who no one saw,
Who went unnoticed,
Time passed by me but nothing changed.
Although the moon and stars appeared closer,
I fly upto the moon with my cold, boneless structure.
It all felt so beautiful from up there,
I look down at the people I once knew some in love, some handling their chaotic life.
But I was so far away from the chaos where people kill people and humanity dies.
It felt peaceful for a while,
But soon I realized I had to spend eternity alone.
Because not everyone is Casper.
I traveled the ends of the world trying to figure out what my unfinished business could be.
Because all my life I’ve heard that ghosts are people with unfinished business on earth.
So I must have one right?
Wandering around I saw a woman with a broken heart and a man that cared too much.
Both drowning in their misery,
I wanted to do good, I wanted to help them.
So I did.
I made up strategies in my head of how I could make them find a way into each other’s heart.
That’s when I saw them sitting in a coffee shop,
She, sitting by the window, nose burried in a book trying to escape the harsh reality of life in the depths  of a novel.
He, sitting in a corner, trying to ignore the ache by drowning himself in work.
It felt like this could be it,
They could finally get what they deserved.
But he got up to leave,
A fortunate accident, he tripped on the bag kept by a table near the exit.
Her bag,
She crouched down to help him up and apologize.
That’s when he looked into her eyes,
Smiled and said it’s alright.
They got to talking,
That’s when I saw the white light.
Who would’ve known my unfinished business had been fulfilled.
I saw someone fall in love and I was complete.

Aashna Vidyarthi
Ah this ghost was a hopeless romantic too, who would’ve know?

In another universe

In another universe,
You’ll be mine.
In another universe,
We’ll be happy.
In another universe,
We’ll have it all.
But until then,
I’m here and you’re there.
Far away from what we could have,
Because I’d never tell you how I feel,
And you’ll never know.
I’ll keep trying not to get hurt,
And you’ll keep on hurting me unknowingly.
It’s not your fault, but it’s not mine either,
I fall too fast and always for the wrong person.
Once you’ve failed about five times in love,
You loose hope, if you’ll ever get it.
In another universe,
You’ll look at me like I look at you.
I’ll be the only thing you want,
You’ll be the only thing I desire.
In another universe,
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours.
Holding your hand in mine, I’ll get through life.
If only you fall for me the way I fell for you.
We’ll have it all.

Aashna Vidyarthi

Fifty Thousand Ways

Fifty thousand ways to fall in love,
Thousands of ways to care.
Fifty thousand gestures to make,
Just no one agreeing to care.
I have fifty thousand ways to love.
Fall hopelessly in love, head over heels,
Forehead kisses are all I need.
Hand in hand under the sky,
Thinking if we could fly.
Sing me to sleep, caress my hair,
So that I always wish to be here.
Gestures you make are not fake,
I am flawed I make mistakes.
But love is no piece of cake.
We have fifty thousand ways to give and take.
Fifty thousand ways to fall in love,
Still never enough.
All it takes for my heart to break,
Is when you call me a disgrace.
You still have fifty thousand ways to love me,
Fifty thousand gestures to make.
Win me back,
And we’ll be back on track.
I’ll show you we are strong,
I’ll show you fifty thousand ways of how no one could break us.

Aashna Vidyarthi

I belong!

I belong up in the clouds,
Where the world can’t touch me
Where I can’t be destroyed.
I belong up in the clouds,
Where my thoughts are the only thing I have.
Where no one can tell me where I’m at.
Where the sun shines bright,
And the stars are brighter.
Where no one can distroy my creativity or crush my soul.
I belong up in the clouds,
Where I can be who I am.
Where I can be free.
I want to be free.
I belong up in the clouds.

Aashna Vidyarthi


You penetrate my mind every night.
Even when I try not to let you in with all my might.
My mind turns into a maze,
And it’s only you I chase.
You sit in the end waiting for me to break through,
But when I do it’s not all true.
You penetrate my mind every night,
And I’m loosing the will to fight.
So I let you in, I make you mine,
I’d do it every damn time.
You sit there and smirk,
Seeing how hard I’d work.
You wake me up in the middle of the night, you make me wanna fight.
But your eyes have nothing to hide,
And I just get lost in them all the time.
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine,
You penetrate my mind every night. Aashna Vidyarthi.

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