I had a dream,
I was your muse.
Your hands stained with ink,
Your eyes searching my face,
And with every blink,
I get more and more pink.
A cigarette between your lips,
Coffee in your hand,
You made me remember,
All that I had.
As the beautiful city came to life,
You told me to smile,
I felt so much pride.
I was your muse,
For this precious night.
I was your muse,
Everyone we met,
Envied our bond,
We were so strong.
Now that I’ve woken up,
You are in my thoughts,
As I write this song,
Now you’re my muse,
As I remember my dream,
You make me feel special,
Yet a little stupid.
How you made me believe,
In my own beauty,
As if it was your duty.
You made your muse,
And still I can’t stop my smile,
From spreading ear to ear,
How did you become so dear.
I was your muse,
But you are mine.
That’s why I created this beautiful rhyme.
I’ll be your muse again someday,
It’ll just take a little time.

Aashna Vidyarthi

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