Bee queen!

Honey bee queen of queer,
Wandering in my garden with no fear.
Creating its own rainbow,
With everyone watching in awe,
It had its flaws,
But they didn’t hold her back,
As she was the queen after all.
Once the bee was young,
And naive,
But it couldn’t hold back her pride.
Pride was in her soul,
And she only yearned for more.
Fearlessly she thrives,
Day and night,
Bold, she’s more,
As the dawn comes once more.
Her pride made her unique,
But well not everyone understood that,
They tried to tear down her pride,
Out of spite,
But you never mess with the queen bee.
She’s fierce,
She’s free,
She’s the queen bee.
Sunflowers and daisies,
Are all her slaves,
As she’s the only one who’s brave.
Her pride is her power,
And she won’t ever turn sour,
Kind to all,
She flies with pride,
To the big wide world outside.

Aashna Vidyarthi

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